Thursday, March 12, 2009

Commonwealth Writers' Prize - Regional Winners

The Regional Winners for the Commonwealth Writers' Prize have been announced yesterday. Here they are:

Best Book
Mandla Langa (South Africa) The Lost Colours of the Chameleon
Marina Endicott (Canada) Good to a Fault
Jhumpa Lahiri (United Kingdom) Unaccustomed Earth
Christos Tsiolkas (Australia) The Slap

Best First Book
Uwem Akpan (Nigeria) Say You're One of Them
Joan Thomas (Canada) Reading By Lightning
Mohammed Hanif (Pakistan) A Case of Exploding Mangoes
Mo Zhi Hong (New Zealand) The Year of The Shanghai Shark

I was right about Jhumpa Lahiri winning over Salman Rushdie, Mohammed Hanif and Uwem Akpan, but I didn't expect Aravind Adiga not to win (he was nominated in two categories!). It proves that the Commonwealth Writers' Prize it's independent from the Booker Prize.


  1. Juat passed by to say hi, hope all is well with you. An immense thanks for your endeavours to always keep us updated with all these happenings in literature....ciao!

  2. Now,Canadians must almost know one Canadian author ;)

  3. "Good to a Fault"? How would I know, I haven't read any book that I name in my blog... :)