Saturday, August 8, 2009

Man Asian Literary Prize - Longlist

If you’re tired of this year’s glaringly white Man Something Else List (as Margaret Howie from Bookslut writes in her blog):

With a Stone in My Heart - Gopilal Acharya (Bhutan)
Jimmy the Terrorist - Omair Ahmand (India)
Say Scholar - Siddharth Chowdhury (India)
Witness the Night - Kishwar Desai (India)
The Descartes Highlands - Eric Gamalinda (Philippines)
The Last Gods of Indochine - Samuel Ferrer (Hong Kong)
Rough with the Smooth - Ram Govarhan (India)
History of Hate - Kanishka Gupta (India)
Memoirs of a Terrorist - Kamaroon Rasheed Ismeer (UAE)
Overwinter - Ratika Kapur (India)
The Bereavement of Agnes Desmoulins - Mariam Karim (India)
The Autobiography of a Mad Nation - Sriram Karri (India)
Residue - Nitasha Kaul (India)
Leche - R. Zamora Linmark (Philippines)
Secrets of the Eighteen Mansions - Mario I. Miclat (Philippines)
Different Countries - Clarissa V. Militante (Philippines)
Omigod - Varuna Mohite (India)
Thunder Demons - Dipika Mukherjee (India)
Blackland - Hena Pillai (India)
Lin Xiu-Tzi and Her Family - Roan Ching-yueh (Taiwan)
Eight Muses of the Fall - Edgar Calabia Samar (Philippines)
Table of Four – K. Srilata (India)
The Boat to Redemption - Su Tong (China)
Shadow of the Red Star - Oyungerel Tsedevamba (Mongolia)

I hope that at least one or two of these books will be acknowledged in Europe, because I must admit that I'm bored with this year's Man Booker Prize longlist.


  1. thanks for this. I know it would take sometime for me to lay a hand on any of these. but would look out for the titles...

  2. Same for me, these books are not available in Italy yet. What is amazing is that people write novels in English in countries like Taiwan or the Philippines.