Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekly geek!

This will be funny! Check out this blog and its memes called Weekly Geek: The Hidden Side of a Leaf.
And now let's play! In this meme you have to post photos of authors and the readers have to recognize them:

1) Photo of one of your favourite authors
2) Photo of the author of the book you're currently reading.
3) Photo of any author you’ve met in person (even very briefly).
4) Photo of any author you’ve heard speak.
5) A photo of the author of the book you’ve most recently finished.
6) and 1) Photos of the hottest authors.

PS: Why is it so easy to name 3-4 very beautiful women who write excellent literature, but it's a lot more difficult to name just one very handsome male writer? no. 5 is only just ok, but no.6 is a very fascinating man.

PS2: How do you post videos from youtube? Errors keeps coming out whenever I try...


  1. Oops, I just realized that passing the mouse over the photos you can see the names of the authors... Well, whatever... Now I'm too lazy to change that (if there is a way to do that without saving millions of images in my hard-disk).

  2. For the YouTube thing coming from a non-techie blogger like me:

    1. Locate the embed box (at the right side, just right after the description of the video and the link box).

    2. Copy the code inside the embed box and paste the same code to your post.

    3. Voila!

    Hope that helps.

  3. ti giuro che non avevo notato che passando il mouse sulle foto si leggeva il nome e stavo per postarti questo commento: "mamma mia che schiappa che sono! so solo che la n.1 e' zadie smith, e che il n.5 e' khaled hosseini. ed immagino che il n.2 sia saramago (vabbe', ma questa e' facile...).
    per il n.3 provo a sparare anita desai e per il n.4 nadine gordimer: non so perche' ma le facce mi ispirano questi nomi... il n.6 non so assolutamente chi sia!"

    ora che ho letto il tuo commento ho controllato e mi son detta: wow, 5 su 6! mi facevo piu' stupida...

    un abbraccio

    p.s. mandami il tuo indirizzo cosi' ti spedisco le cartoline prima di tornare in italia!

  4. No. 6 is Caryl Phillips, an English writer of Caribbean descent. Other two hot writers I came up with: Bruce Chatwin (only, he's dead!) and Neil Gaiman (even though I've never read anything he has written).

    Lightheaded: I did exactly as you explained but my preview kept showing errors. Don't know, I'll try again next time...

  5. i didn't know caryl phillips...

    for the "hot" writers: chatwin was actually not bad (i used to have a poster with his pic in my home in venice and all my flatmates were just... well, fascinated!).

    i've read "american gods" by neil gaiman: i really liked the book 'til a certain point, but the end was kinda bad... i think he just realized that he wrote too many stories and made too many links and didn't know how to end the book.
    but not bad though!

    oh btw, "a modest proposal" was exactly what you said... the satyrical pamphlet by jonathan swift.

  6. An interesting novel by Caryl Phillips is "The Nature of Blood", tracing the stories of different people around the world: a woman who survived the Holocaust and is starting a new life in Israel and, most importantly, a fictional account of Othello's life in Venice. And on the cover of the book there's "il ponte dei sospiri"! I want to read it!