Friday, March 4, 2011

"Felicia's Journey" by William Trevor

Year of first publication: 1994
Genre: novel, crime fiction, thrille
Country: Ireland

Where does crime fiction start? Where does it end? When is one allowed to sympathize with the evil characters of a book? These are some questions that "Felicia's Journey" raises.
William Trevor is one of the most important living Irish writers, a master of short stories, always compared to Joyce. This is one of his novels, which slowly explores the story of Felicia and Mr Hilditch, who are opposites. She is a young innocent Irish girl who is looking for her boyfriend in England and he is a middle-age English man, lonely and apparently benevolent. Ok, now I have spoiled everything with only one adjective and you know already how the story will end. Or not?

La recensione di questo libro è disponibile a questo link.

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