Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cha-cha-change! :-D

Hello readers!
Lately it's been difficult to keep my blog updated. I conceived this blog as a sort of "reading diary", where I'd write about everything I read. Now I find myself with too many books behind and no desire to write about all one of them. Moreover, I'm starting my PhD in September and there'll be some books I don't necessarily want to write about on this blog. My project is going to be about Indian cinema and literature in English (you can guess that from the last books I read!). What I'm going to do is write more freely without worrying about how many books I have left behind and so on. Oh... another problem is the language: I don't know whether I'll keep switching from English to Italian and back. I feel it's not healthy for my blog. I'm also getting a lot of feedback from my Italian readers, so I might write in Italian for a while...

Well, wish me good luck for my PhD!


  1. Good luck + In bocca al lupo!

    Mi sembra un'ottima cosa farti guidare da quello di cui hai voglia di parlare e non dalla rigida lista di lettura! Ti seguiremo lo stesso (in italiano o in English, non importa!).

  2. ok, i will find you however. Have you a nice life...and good reading too :)